PROCOM Project Management Inc.: Landlord Services in the Hamilton Area

Based in Hamilton and providing services across the GTA, PROCOM Project Management Inc. is your number one choice in commercial project management. Working directly with the owners, Procom assists landlords in commercial property and industrial rental property management. Procom provides comprehensive services, from cleaning and maintenance to landscaping, roofing and small construction projects, all at competitive prices. Contact us for reliable property and project management services.

Commercial Property and Plaza Strip Mall Maintenance
With years of experience, Procom can meet all your commercial and industrial rental property needs, including real estate management for companies and individuals based outside Canada. Providing “Complete Project Management Service", Procom has earned the trust of many property owners, overseeing renovations, upgrades, maintenance and repairs.

Landlord Services
Through Procom, you can find and hire trusted and reliable plumbers, roofers and other tradespeople to handle all repairs, maintenance and emergencies. The contractors who will work for you are fully licensed and experienced. To stay updated on the state of your property, you'll receive regular reports, complete with before/after photos for your records. Successfully managing commercial properties requires a lot of time and attention, and Procom offers industrial and commercial unit rental renovation services that will ease your stress as a landlord!

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